ISTRA 50 5.0

ISTRA 50 5.0 is an efficiency-oriented premium product for building chemistry and refractory applications, and is the next generation of our Istra 50.


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General information


  • AI 2O 3 -content ~ 50%
  • Beige
  • Normal setting
  • Fast hardening
  • High early and final strength value
  • Optimized granulometry and mineralogy
  • Refractoriness up to 1450°C

ISTRA 50 5.0 has particular advantages when used in flooring products, which include a cost and CO 2 - saving.

ISTRA 50 5.0, like ISTRA 50, is suitable for refractory applications in the medium temperature range. It offers the advantage of improved workability properties and higher green strengths.


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